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Reflejos - January 27, 2013 | Skypoint Medical Center

Reflejos – January 27, 2013

Reflejos – January 27, 2013

“Skypoint Medical Center grows in Schaumburg” – An interview with Dr. Sameer M. Naseeruddin, CEO of Skypoint Medical Center is reported in REFLEJOS – January 27, 2013

Q:How would you describe your business?
A:My primary focus is Vein Care and Internal Medicine. We treat our patients with allopathic methods that provide a natural, modern approach to well care and pain relief.

Q:How did you learn to speak Spanish and why?
A:I learned Spanish initially from school and built on this foundation from my training in residency at Cook County / John H. Stroger Hospital of Chicago. Regardless of my mistakes, I spoke and practiced with Spanish-speaking patients almost on a daily basis. My true fluency, though, came in private practice where I have a large Spanish-speaking patient base. Every day, I believe my Spanish is improving. My patients have become my teachers, and I am grateful.

Q:Why are you so passionate about the Hispanic community?
A:I am passionate about the Hispanic community because they are a close knit, loyal, loving patient population that respect and listen to their physician’s advice. They are truly grateful to me as patients and value the doctor – patient interaction. I have come to know my Hispanic patients and their families well throughout the years. It has been a privilege to serve the Hispanic community and I look forward to serving them more over the years. They’re a rich, diverse culture with true authenticity, what’s not to love about these wonderful people?

Q:What do you enjoy most about operating your business?
A:What I enjoy most about my business is taking care of patients and really getting to know them as if they are a part of our family. I also enjoy the entrepreneurial aspect of operating a business that involves taking risks and moving forward as a team.

Q:Is this what you pictured yourself doing when you were young?
A:Yes, I did picture myself being a doctor when I was young; although, I did not realize that I would enjoy entrepreneurship so much.

Q:If you could give one tip to a rookie business owner, what would it be?
A:Take calculated, strategic risks which are in you and your company’s best interest, and you will come out ahead.

Q: What has been the most difficult obstacle in running or starting a small business?
A: Finding means to reduce costs and maximize returns.

Q: How has business been this past year?
A: We have expanded, diversified, and experienced progressive growth. It’s been our biggest year ever of growth.

Q: What is the key to your company’s success?
A: Our key to success is taking calculated, strategic risks. In addition, we are successful because of the support and excellent business advice from my family, wife and friends.

Q: What keeps you up at night?
A: When my day is over, I think about whether I have provided the best care to my patients and done my best for that day.

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