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Illinois News - June 5, 2013 | Skypoint Medical Center

Illinois News – June 5, 2013

Illinois News – June 5, 2013

New Vein Center in Schaumburg Helps Patients Utilizing Innovative Laser Treatment

SCHAUMBURG, IL–(Marketwired – Jun 4, 2013) – A new capillary diagnosis core in a Chicago area is now relieving varicose capillary sufferers regulating a painless, affordable diagnosis called endovenous laser therapy. Skypoint Medical Center’s new Vein Center in Schaumburg provides this minimally invasive, in-office diagnosis choice to capillary medicine for both patients with medical capillary issues and those who wish to urge their appearance.

Endovenous laser therapy addresses common problems such as pain and rawness from the capillary disease. The advanced, outpatient diagnosis is a choice to in-patient surgical procedures that need an extensive acknowledgment routine and extreme liberation time of dual to 8 weeks. Best of all, endovenous laser therapy or ablation is lonesome by many word companies as varicose capillary illness is no longer only a cosmetic illness. With endovenous laser therapy, treatments are probably pain-free, the outcome in no scarring, lift a minimal risk of complications, and are achieved in reduction than an hour. Patients can lapse to normal functioning a subsequent day.

“Our patients are gratified that their capillary problems can be treated fast and painlessly with a top-of-the-line endovenous laser capillary care,” pronounced Dr. Sameer Naseeruddin of Skypoint Vein and Skypoint Medical. “Also, by Skypoint Medical, we offer a patients entrance to an operation of other value-added specialized services such as Board Certified Primary Care, Physical Therapy, Interventional Pain Management, and Aesthetic Skin Care including Botox and Fillers.” Skypoint Medical Center non-stop a full use reward capillary caring hospital on Dec 1, 2012. Skypoint Vein is staffed by physicians gifted in treating capillary diseases for all stages of varicose and spider veins. Treatments can assistance forestall critical vein-related conditions like blood clots and venous ulcers that might start if capillary issues are not treated.

About Skypoint Medical Center:

Skypoint Medical Center provides a professional, frank proceed to studious caring specializing in Vein Care, Primary Care, Interventional Pain Management, and Physical Therapy. The primary medicine is Dr. Sameer M. Naseeruddin, MD. He’s an American Board Certified medicine and local of a Chicagoland area. He attended the University of Illinois during Urbana-Champaign, Ross University School of Medicine and finished residency at Cook County Hospital / John H. Stroger Hospital of Chicago. Skypoint Medical Center has dual locations in Schaumburg during 2201 West Schaumburg Road and 1089 North Salem Drive. Call (847) 882-1438 or (847) 895-1840 for an appointment. Visit Skypoint Medical Center during or

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