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Immigration physical exam schaumburg

Immigration physical exam schaumburg

The US immigration services protect the public, and it is essential to know the process and requirements so you are better prepared. An immigration physical exam in Schaumburg will have several medical exams to provide information about a range of things like the presence of infectious illnesses, drug use, mental disorders, and absence of critical vaccinations.

What you need to know about the immigration medical exam

The medical exam is not a complete physical exam, and our staff would have to evaluate you for more than one condition to specific certain issues. All green card applicants must go through a medical exam, so confirm that they are in good health and will not experience any significant hiccups while living in the US. We explain everything that goes into a conclusive physical exam and what everything will look like from the beginning to the end.

How the physical exam will look

An immigration physical exam is much like any other and will test everything from STI’s to lifestyle illnesses. You should be ready to talk about your medical history and receive the tests needed for the exams. Our immigration exam doctor will examine the following areas:

  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Throat
  • Lungs
  • Skin
  • Genitalia
  • Lymph nodes
  • Abdomen
  • Heart

Pregnant applicants may request a postponement of the exam because all the X-rays used for other tests will harm the baby.

Mental tests

The mental exam assesses your intelligence, mood, comprehension abilities, judgment, and behavior, among other factors. The results from these exams are essential in determining whether you have any risky mental illness and will be safe for yourself and other people when you finally relocate. Additionally, we may have to check your past mental complications to prove that you do not have a possibility for similar issues to occur.

Drug tests

The drug test will include both prescription and stimulant drugs. A history or active drug use automatically disqualifies you, but medical proof of recovery makes you eligible for the green card application.

Blood tests

The blood test checks for many things, like STDs, diabetes, and abnormal elements and you must complete these tests even if you are pregnant or going through a menstrual cycle. Regardless, be sure to inform our USCIS doctors for the medical exam of any alarming issues, and we will apply proper care and precaution to ensure a successful exam.

Applicants living within or outside of the US

Applicants living within the US will get a sealed envelope to send to the USCIS or bring along with them for the interview. Applicants living outside will also get a sealed envelope, which they must present to the consulate or US embassy for further consideration and processing.

Why choose Sky Med?

You cannot use any doctor for the immigration exam because the government only accepts results from approved facilities. We have full authorization to perform an immigration physical exam in Schaumburg and have all the necessary packages to complete a full medical exam.

Are you having a hard time figuring out what you need to start the process with Skypoint Medical Center? Book an appointment online or call 847-882-1438, and we will get you started with a simplified consultation on our cheap immigration exam in Schaumburg.

Immigration physical exam schaumburg

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