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Immigration Medical Exam Streamwood Il

Immigration Medical Exam Streamwood Il

If you are an immigrant seeking a visa or green card, you will need to provide information and documentation with your application. One thing you will need to have is a complete immigration medical exam in Streamwood, IL, or at a location nearby. You will need to provide a copy of your medical clearance from a certified immigration medical professional before the USCIS grants you a visa.

Do I Need an Immigration Medical Exam in Streamwood, IL?

Most immigrants seeking a visa or a green card must participate in a medical examination. The immigration medical exam in Streamwood, IL, provides the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) with information that you do not have any significant medical conditions. You cannot enter the country if you have an infectious disease. You will have to provide USCIS with a certified medical exam before you can obtain a visa.

What is Included in an Immigration Medical Exam

You will undergo a complete physical examination by a medical professional. The doctor will evaluate your condition and determine whether you are healthy. One of the main concerns of immigrants entering the United States is the possibility of bringing communicable diseases. You will need to provide proof of your immunization, or you might need to get a vaccination for specific types of diseases. Also, the doctor will discuss your prior medical conditions and any treatments or surgeries that you had in the past. In general, the exam does not require x-rays or other diagnostic tests.

How Long Does an Immigration Exam Take?

An immigration medical exam in Streamwood, IL, does not take long to complete. We can usually complete the initial examination in just a few minutes. We also need to evaluate your medical history and review your immunization records. If you do not have this information, the examination may take longer to complete. You may need to return to receive vaccinations if necessary. When possible, gather your medical records and bring them with you to your exam appointment. If you don’t have the information, it could delay the exam or cause you to obtain some vaccines.

Schedule an Appointment for a Medical Examination

It is essential to schedule an appointment for a medical exam in Streamwood, IL, with a certified doctor. The USCIS certifies doctors to provide the specific type of exam that they require. Make sure that you get your medical exam in enough time to include it with the documents that you need for your visa. You should follow the instructions that the USCIS provides in their letters. At Skypoint Medical, we are certified to offer immigration examinations. We have the necessary exam documents that we follow for a complete medical evaluation. If you need a medical exam for a visa, remember that not all doctors can provide them. You need to go to a doctor that has already been trained to participate in the immigration exam program. Contact Skypoint Medical to schedule your immigration medical exam in Streamwood, IL.

Immigration Medical Exam Streamwood Il

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