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Immigration Medical Exam Roselle Il

Immigration Medical Exam Roselle Il

Skypoint Medical is one of the most advanced healthcare centers in Illinois to offer specialized treatment and patient care. Our team of doctors is USCIS authorized to conduct an immigration medical exam in Roselle, Il.

What is the purpose of an immigration medical exam?

An Immigration medical examination is carried out to identify inadmissible health-related conditions in applicants. The immigration examination procedure consists of a physical exam, a skin test, a chest x-ray examination for tuberculosis, and a blood test for syphilis. The mandatory vaccination requirements include all vaccines recommended by the ACIP.

The health concerns for rejection include individuals with an infectious disease of public health significance and failing to present proof of vaccination against it, a physical or mental disorder with associated harmful behavior, or chemical dependency to substance or alcohol. For vaccines, a single dose would suffice for immigration purposes.

How can I prepare for an immigration medical exam?

Prepare for the immigration medical exam by firstly checking if you have all the documents ready before your appointment. Some of the documents that you’ll need to bring with you are:

  • Immunization and vaccination records
  • Copy of your medical history
  • Copies of previous chest x-rays if any
  • A recommendation from your physician detailing the treatment that you undergo for health problems if any
  • An original photo ID, such as passport, travel permit, driver’s license, or work permit
  • Cash/credit/debit card to pay for the medical exam
  • Health insurance card, if any
  • Form I-693 duly filled and signed by your civil surgeon

Besides the documents mentioned above, avoid salty and fatty foods the previous evening and get a good night’s sleep before your examination. Avoid strenuous workouts the morning of your medical exam to avoid elevated heart rate and dropped potassium levels.

Cost of immigration medical examination

We offer immigration medical exam in roselle, Il, and the cost of the medical examination ranges between $150 – $250, and it includes PPD (tuberculosis skin test), gonorrhea test, syphilis blood test and a physical exam as per USCIS guidelines.

The entire medical examination cost can range anywhere between $250 and $350 if you don’t have valid vaccination records. This includes a blood test for varicella, a tetanus shot, and a blood test for MMR. If you also need the flu vaccine, there will be an added cost to keep in mind.

Communicable diseases of public health significance

USCIS lists tuberculosis, syphilis, gonorrhea, and Hansen’s disease as communicable diseases of public health significance. Quarantine diseases include diphtheria, cholera, plague, infectious tuberculosis, smallpox, viral hemorrhagic fevers, yellow fever, severe acute respiratory syndromes, and many more.

Polio, influenza, smallpox, SARS, and other public health emergencies of international concern are also quarantinable diseases. An applicant with any of the above-listed conditions would fail a medical examination. Skypoint Medical is one of the authorized healthcare centers to offer comprehensive immigration medical exam in Roselle, Il, at affordable prices. Call us for an urgent medical exam today!

Immigration Medical Exam Roselle Il

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