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Immigration Medical Exam Arlington Heights Il

Immigration Medical Exam Arlington Heights Il

Are you looking for a cheap and fast immigration medical exam in Arlington Heights, IL? If so, SkyPoint Medical will fight for your American Dream. Every day, SkyPoint Medical helps immigrant patients get their Green Cards as easily and as quickly as possible, and that is why people come to SkyPoint Medical for their immigration medical exam in Arlington Heights, IL.

Why Do You Have to Take an Immigration Exam?

Sometimes, our patients want to know why they have to take a medical examination for immigration in IL. The truth is; you have to take an immigration medical exam no matter where you immigrate to in the United States. Immigration law has some admissibility grounds that date back a very long time. Some of these provisions are related to health, and there these requirements still requirements under United States law. If you have a medical condition that is a threat to you and or to others, then that could adversely affect your case. That is why the government is cautious and requests that individuals who are seeking their Green Cards or Visas get checked.

To be sure, it is not an automatic disqualification if you have a medical condition – even a severe one! The important thing is that you are honest with your medical examiner and get the treatment that you need so you are not a health risk to yourself or anyone else.

What Conditions Disqualify Immigrants During Their Medical Exams?

HIV used to be on the list of automatic disqualifiers, but it is not anymore because HIV is now treatable. Some of the health-related issues that will cause the most problems on an immigration case these days are problems that relate to mental health. For example, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, as well as other psychological disorders that have caused you to be violent within the last five years, will almost certainly be a red flag for your immigration case. You’ll want to be sure to hire an attorney or help with that.

Whether you’re applying for a Green Card in the United States or an immigrant Visa on the outside of the United States looking to come in, you’ll need to take an immigration medical exam. If you’d like to get the process done as quickly and as cheaply as possible, then take your immigration medical exam in Arlignton Heights, IL, schedule an appointment at SkyPoint Medical today.
It is important that you be completely honest during your immigration medical exam. A lot of patients will lie about or withhold medical history information for fear that it will disqualify them. The thought is that whatever is disclosed to the physician will show up in your report that goes to immigration. While this is true, it is better to be honest because hiding an ailment or condition can get you disqualified.

Take Your Immigration Medical Exam at SkyPoint Medical

The United States is very welcoming, and our civil surgeons are very friendly. We want to help you achieve your version of the American Dream, whatever that may be. Just shoot straight with us, and we’ll do what we can to help you.

Immigration Medical Exam Arlington Heights Il

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