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Genetic Testing | Chicago | Schaumburg Illinois | Skypoint Medical

Genetic Testing (Personalized Medicine)

The era of personalized medicine has arrived.

No longer must physicians leave patient outcomes to chance. Working with Alpha Genomix will give physicians and their patients critical insights into drug effectiveness and potential adverse drug reactions before initiating a pharmacotherapy

Alpha Genomix Offers:

  • High-Quality Collection Method
  • Easy to read reports available in 3-5 days
  • Extensive pharmacogenetic testing panel
  • Exceptional Customer Service
Genetic Testing & Personal Medicine Skypoint Medical

What is Pharmacogenetics?

Pharmacogenetics is the study of how genetic differences among individuals cause varied response to a drug.

What will the results of the test tell me?

Specifically, how quickly your body metabolizes, or filters, a given drug. Some people are rapid metabolizers. They flush drugs quickly from their system and may never realize any benefit from taking a “normal” or “one size fits all” dose. A poor metabolizer is just the opposite, with a “normal” dose building to potentially dangerous levels. Understanding how you metabolize the drugs you are prescribed allows your doctor to customize your treatment and calculate the safest, most effective dose for you.

What type of sample is required to perform the test?

A sterile swab is used to gather a sample of your DNA from inside your cheek. It is simple and painless.

Is there a cost for my test?

Testing performed by Alpha Genomix is a routine clinical laboratory test. Medicare covers this type of test as well as most private insurance plans. There may be a co-pay, depending on the specifics of your individual policy. If you have any questions regarding billing, please contact us directly at 847-882-1438.

How will I get my results?

The results of your test will be sent directly to your doctor 3-5 days after we receive your sample.

ABCB1 Undetermined Contraceptives and Protease Inhibitors
ANKK1/DRD2 35% Poor Nicotine Dependence
APOE Elevated Risk in 30% Cardiovascular Risk
COMT 32% Poor Anti-ADHD Agents and Opiods
FACTOR II Elevated risk in 2% Thrombophilia Risk
FACTOR V LEIDEN Elevated risk in 5% Thrombophilia Risk
MTHFR Variation in ~32% Folate Metabolism
OPRM1/OPRK1 Variation in ~20% Antiaddictives and Opioids
SLC6A4 Variation in ~34% Antidepressants, Antipsychotics
VKORC1 41% Poor Anticoagulants
CYP1A2 40% Rapid Antidepressants, Muscle relaxants, Antipsychotics, Antiarrhythmics, Antiemetics, and Beta Blockers
CYP2B6 12% Rapid 18% Intermediate Poor in 35% Antidepressants, Opioids
CYP2C9 40% Intermediate 3% Poor Anticoagulants, Sulfonylureas, Pain Killers, NSAIDs, and Angiotensin II Blockers
CYP2C19 28% Rapid 32% Intermediate 4% Poor Proton Pump Inhibitors, Benzodiazepines, Anticonvulsants, Antidepressants, Muscle Relaxants, Antiplatelets, and Antifungals
CYP2D6 3% Rapid 35% Intermediate 10% Poor Antidepressants, Antipsychotics, Antihypertensives, Antiarrhythmics, Pain Killers, Beta Blockers, Anti-ADHD Agents, Antidementia Agents, Antiemetics, and Opioids
CYP3A4 12% Intermediate 1% Poor Antiarrhythmics, Antipsychotics, Anticonvulsants, Benzodiazepines, Immunosupressants, Calcium Channel Blockers, Opioids, Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors, and Statins
CYP3A5 88% Poor Antiarrhythmics, Antipsychotics, Anticonvulsants, Benzodiazepines, Immunosupressants, Calcium Channel Blockers, Opioids, Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors, and Statins

*Population data are approximate values taken from multiple sources.


Genetic Testing (Personalized Medicine)
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Genetic Testing (Personalized Medicine)
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