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Downtown Calgary Dentist

Downtown Calgary Dentist

Downtown Calgary Dentist

Canterra Dental is the downtown Calgary dentist that provides all of the services of a general dentist, including cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, Invisalign treatment, teeth whitening and many more dental services to meet the needs of you and your whole family.

The Canterra Dental mission has always been to stay committed to maintaining a high standard of dentistry, while providing you with an efficient, on-time experience. The downtown Calgary dentist believes in openly discussing and explaining your treatment options with the goal of working directly with you to enhance your smile and your overall oral health.

Dr. Dennis Leung has been focused on providing general dental service to the downtown Calgary area since 2002. He realizes that while it’s all about your smile, it’s also about your oral health. Since your teeth are an integral part of your body and your overall health, Dr. Leung also believes that your dental health has a major impact on your health in general. That’s why the goal is to examine the relationship between your oral health and the rest of your body.

The downtown Calgary dentist at Canterra Dental especially enjoys cosmetic dentistry, and giving people the beautiful, natural smile that they have always wanted. The practice has grown by constantly updating and upgrading, with new technologies and training.

If you are an anxious patient, Canterra Dental aims to help you feel completely at ease when you visit the downtown Calgary dentist. The team especially wants to help you overcome any dental anxieties you may have, while realizing at the same time that this is one of the greatest phobias that people have, and is often why they neglect oral health.

Canterra Dental is proud of the sterilization and infection control procedures that are followed in the clinic. Their staff takes them very seriously in order to guarantee that your health and safety are protected while in the office.

Dental services offered by the downtown Calgary dentist include:

– Cosmetic dentistry: Porcelain veneers, cristal veneers, teeth whitening

– Emergency dentistry

– Hygiene and periodontal dentistry

– Restorative dentistry: Dental crowns, dental bridges

– Invisalign treatment

– Root canals

– Dentures


– Tooth extractions

– And much more

For exceptional cosmetic dentistry, come to the downtown Calgary dentist who can help you express your own smile inpidually. From repairing a malformed bite, teeth that are misshaped, crooked or discolored to treating injuries, or simply improving your smile, cosmetic dentistry at Canterra Dental is aimed at creating a positive change in your teeth that will give you more confidence and make you want to smile again.

Canterra Dental is always accepting new patients, and takes a lot of pride in their efficiency in having appointments that run on time- especially since they realize you have taken time out of your busy day to come in to the office. If you’d like to make a new patient appointment with the downtown Calgary dentist, call 403-237-6611. Canterra Dental is the locals’ choice for great dental care. We believe you’ll think so too.

Downtown Calgary Dentist

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