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Dental Bridges Durham

Dental Bridges Durham

Dental Bridges Durham

When most hear the term “bridges”, thoughts of grand architectural marvels spanning rivers or valleys might come to mind. But did you know that some of the most critical bridges are the ones inside our mouths? Yes, we’re talking about dental bridges! At Southpoint Family Dentistry, we believe in bridging the gaps, both metaphorically in life and literally in your smiles.

A New Perspective on Bridges:

Bridges have always been symbols of connection, bringing together two sides that would otherwise remain apart. In dentistry, it’s no different. Dental bridges are the unsung heroes of modern dentistry, ensuring that our smiles remain complete and functional.

The fascinating thing is how they seamlessly integrate with our natural teeth. From afar, no one would even know that a bridge is in place, such is the beauty and precision of modern dental bridges.

Dental Gaps? We’ve Got the Perfect Solution!:

Dental gaps can be an aesthetic concern for many, but beyond that, they can also pose functional challenges. Chewing, speaking, and even the structure of your face can be affected by missing teeth. This is where dental bridges come into play. With their ability to seamlessly fill in these gaps, they not only restore the beauty of your smile but also its function.

For us at Southpoint Family Dentistry, our primary concern is to ensure that every smile is complete. Through our advanced dental bridge solutions, we guarantee that those unsightly gaps become a thing of the past.

Why Bridges?:

Dental bridges aren’t just about aesthetics; they play a crucial role in maintaining the structural integrity of your mouth. A missing tooth can cause the surrounding teeth to shift, leading to a misaligned bite and other dental complications.

Moreover, missing teeth can sometimes affect speech and the ability to chew properly. Dental bridges address these issues by filling the gap, providing a stable and functional replacement that blends seamlessly with the natural teeth.

Addressing Missing Teeth:

The loss of a tooth can be due to various reasons: an accident, decay, or even certain diseases. No matter the cause, the gap it leaves behind is a constant reminder and can be a source of discomfort or self-consciousness.

Dental bridges, as the name suggests, bridge this gap. They provide a replacement that looks, feels, and functions just like a natural tooth. The result? A rejuvenated smile and renewed confidence.

The Role of Dental Bridges in Oral Health:

Beyond aesthetics, dental bridges play a vital role in overall oral health. Gaps can lead to a misaligned bite, increased pressure on surrounding teeth, and even jaw issues over time. Furthermore, gaps can become breeding grounds for bacteria, leading to gum diseases.

Dental bridges rectify this. By filling the gap, they prevent the shifting of surrounding teeth, maintain a proper bite, and reduce the risk of oral complications. Additionally, they provide a smooth, easy-to-clean surface, reducing the risk of gum diseases.

Different Types of Bridges We Offer:

  • Traditional Bridges: Traditional bridges are the most common type and involve creating a crown for the tooth or implant on either side of the missing tooth, with a pontic (false tooth) in between. These bridges are known for their durability and strength. At Southpoint Family Dentistry, we ensure that these bridges blend seamlessly with your natural teeth in terms of color and shape, giving you a flawless smile.
  • Maryland Bridges: Maryland bridges offer a conservative alternative to traditional bridges. Instead of crowns, they utilize a framework of either metal or porcelain that is bonded onto the backs of the adjacent teeth. While they may not be as sturdy as traditional bridges, they do offer the advantage of preserving the structure of surrounding teeth, making them an attractive option for many of our patients.
  • Cantilever Bridges: Cantilever bridges come into play when there are adjacent teeth on only one side of the missing tooth or teeth. They involve anchoring the bridge to one or more adjacent teeth. It’s a specialized solution, and our experts at Southpoint Family Dentistry ensure its precise application to guarantee functionality and aesthetics.

Maintenance and Care:

  • Daily Cleaning: Just like natural teeth, dental bridges require regular cleaning to maintain their shine and functionality. Special floss and brushes are available to ensure the space underneath the bridge is free from food particles and plaque. This daily cleaning not only ensures the longevity of the bridge but also promotes overall oral health.
  • Regular Check-ups: Regular dental check-ups are essential to monitor the condition of your bridge and ensure it remains firmly in place. These check-ups also allow us to catch any potential issues early on. At Southpoint Family Dentistry, we recommend semi-annual visits to ensure your dental bridge remains in optimal condition.
  • Safe Eating Habits: While dental bridges are sturdy, certain hard or sticky foods can damage them. It’s advisable to avoid such foods or to consume them with caution to prevent any potential damage to the bridge. By adopting safe eating habits, you ensure the longevity of your dental bridge and preserve its structural integrity.

Lifespan and Replacements:

With proper care, dental bridges can last over a decade. However, like all dental restorations, they may need replacement or repair over time. Regular check-ups help monitor their condition and address any issues promptly.

At Southpoint Family Dentistry, we ensure that replacing or repairing a bridge is a hassle-free process, ensuring minimal inconvenience for our patients.

Potential Issues to Watch:

Though dental bridges are reliable solutions, potential issues like loosening of the bridge or discomfort can sometimes arise. It’s essential to be aware of these potential problems and seek timely intervention. Remember, the earlier you address these concerns, the easier and more effective the solution will be.

Get Dental Bridges Durham in Southpoint Family Dentistry

Bridging gaps is an art, whether in life or in a smile. As life’s poets, we at Southpoint Family Dentistry believe that every gap tells a story, and every bridge is an ending to a tale. Our dental bridges are more than just a dental procedure; they are a journey towards a fuller, more confident life.

So if life has handed you gaps, let us be the architects to bridge them. Reach out to Southpoint Family Dentistry today and take the first step towards a more complete you.

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