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Calgary General Dentist

Calgary General Dentist

Calgary General Dentist

If you’re weighing out the pros and cons of visiting a General Dentist over a specialist, you’ll find a lot of good reasons to take your business to a General Dentist, not least of which will be the cost savings of visiting a dental clinic that is capable in every way of handling your oral health. There is no better Calgary General Dentist than at Concept Dentistry.
Many patients mistakingly believe that since they have a specialty issue they have to see a specialist about the matter. You can rest assured that a General Dentist is able to handle just about any situation that comes into their office. If you should require some dental work that does need the touch of a specialist, your Calgary General Dentist will make the recommendation for you.
You may be surprised to learn that your General Dentist can handle everything from routine checkups to cleanings and much more, including: preventive care, restorative dentistry, complete cosmetic dentistry, scaling, polishing, fluoride treatments for your family, wisdom teeth extraction and general extractions, dental implants, root scaling, hygiene services, emergency dental and more.
At Concept Dentistry, their Calgary General Dentist understands the fear of the dentist seat and provides patients with two types of Sedation options for those with anxiety: Nitrous Oxide and Oral Sedation.
– Nitrous Oxide is often referred to as ‘laughing gas’ and has been used in dentistry since the late 1700s. This is a gentle and safe way to increase comfort and alleviate anxiety during dental procedures. Nitrous Oxide is administered through the nose to allow the dentist access to the teeth. The patient remains conscious and is able to communicate throughout the appointment.
– Oral sedation can reduce anxiety as well. Your Calgary General Dentist at Concept Dentistry will be happy to administer an oral sedative that will dull the anxiety but not induce unconsciousness. Two examples or oral sedatives are Valium and Ativan; these sedatives can help you overcome the fear of needles or bad memories around the sights and smells of the dental office.
Not all oral issues require a specialist. You’ll save time and money by coming in to Concept Dentistry and discussing your dental needs with their friendly staff during a complimentary consultation to create a treatment plan for your teeth. Costs for dental treatment at Concept Dentistry will be far less than at a specialist and your insurance plan may cover much of the cost as well.
Most patients appreciate the short wait time at getting in to a General Dentist as compared with a specialist. While it can take months of waiting to see a specialist for your teeth, the wait time at Concept Dentistry is much shorter, so you can get the dental care you need when you need it.
Feel free to call your Calgary General Dentist at 403-248-0301 to schedule an appointment or a free consultation and rest easy knowing Concept Dentistry is able to meet the needs of patients from all over Calgary.

Calgary General Dentist

Concept Dentistry

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2710 17th Ave SE Calgary AB T2A 0P6 CA

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