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Bridgeland Dental Clinic

Bridgeland Dental Clinic

Bridgeland Dental Clinic

Are you searching for a Bridgeland dental clinic that offers a full range of Cosmetic dentistry? Welcome Smile is famous for much more than just providing stellar family and general dentistry. If you’re looking for a cosmetic solution to a malformed bite, misshaped teeth, crooked teeth, discolored teeth, a dental injury or are just interested in improving your smile, consider Welcome Smile as your best option.

There are numerous benefits associated with having beautiful teeth that are straight- you may already be aware of several of them; perhaps understanding the benefits has led you to contact the Bridgeland dental clinic with regard to cosmetic dentistry:

Straight Teeth Last Longer

Teeth that are properly aligned are at a distinct advantage to share the work load of biting and chewing, creating an environment that discourages wear and tear on the teeth that results in more dental work than would otherwise be necessary.

Preventative Dentistry Saves Money

Taking great care of your teeth is the best way to discourage problems down the line. Preventative dental care is smart treatment and costs less than restorative dental treatment.

Straight Teeth are Easy to Care For

Brushing, Flossing and Cleaning are all much easier to perform on teeth that are straight and properly spaced. If you’re having a difficult time getting floss in between your teeth, you won’t be able to remove plaque and food that can find their way into those spaces. Speak with the Bridgeland dental clinic about the spacing of your teeth during your next visit.

Cosmetic dentistry can address form, function, or a combination of both. To achieve the results you have in mind, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kellen Smith and his team at Welcome Smile to discuss your ultimate goal. Welcome Smile has numerous options available to create the perfect smile- however, what looks like the perfect smile to one person, may not look like the same thing to another, which is why it’s critical that you speak with your dentist with regard to the results you have in mind.

Welcome Smile is your local Cerec Restorations provider, one of the newest innovations in dentistry and one that can transform your smile and deliver long-lasting results. Ceramic Restorations uses your existing tooth structure to build on, with ceramics bonded directly onto the tooth/teeth. Your Cerec provider will remove old fillings and existing decay to create the ideal foundation for your Cerec tooth restoration. Dr. Kellen will use the 3D video scanner to take dimensions that are fed into the Cerec Computer to reconstruct your tooth to perfect form and aesthetic appearance. The Cerec robotic milling machine will create a restoration that is the exact shade of your own natural tooth color, which will be bonded directly to your existing tooth structure. Cerec completes the milling in about 12 minutes, so your restoration can be bonded the same day!

Find out more about affordable cosmetic dentistry at the Bridgeland dental clinic by visiting the website and clicking on the ‘Services’ link or call 403-261-8855 to schedule a visit at Welcome Smile. The beautiful smile of your dreams is within your grasp. Discover your financing options on the website under the ‘Why Welcome Smile’ link.

Bridgeland Dental Clinic

Welcome Smile

(403) 261-8855
410 Memorial Drive N.E. Calgary

Alberta T2E 4Y7 CA

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